Types of Group Tours and Travel Experiences for Groups

Tours and travel packages are designed to give you a wonderful experience when visiting a location. They allow everyone to get what they need at a convenient time while allowing flexibility so you can meet your other needs while you are there. They come in a variety of formats that can be tailored for any type of group size or length of stay. Depending on the purpose for the trip, a group tour can be as extensive as one week or as minimal as a single day.

A simple example is a corporate tour, typically coordinated by a travel company or organization. Group tour a travel package for a group of corporate travelers who all have a similar travel date, itinerary, and general transportation needs. Group tours can often be prearranged, pre-paid, or included in a seminar or conference tour. In addition, there are many group tour packages designed to specifically accommodate a specific theme, event, or industry. For example, a tour and travel experience designed to honor the memory of a loved one would not be complete without a tour of the funeral home or memorial site.

Another type of tour and travel experience is a self-guided vacation. In this case, you will help plan the itinerary and select your accommodations. In some cases, you will be in charge of your own itinerary and transportation, but in others you will be hired to plan your itinerary and transportation. In a vacation or travel group, self-guided trips tend to be longer and more involved than other group tour types. They also tend to cost more money since there is a greater risk of personal injury during a self-guided trip.