The Growth Of Tour And Travel Services Industry

Tour and travel service providers is an exciting and dynamic industry offering a host of travel related products and services from international and regional travellers. The rise of low cost airlines, stronger economic recovery, and aggressive promotions by foreign tourist boards are alluring more people to pack their travel packages. In response to the increased demand, tour and travel providers have developed new tools and formats to attract new customers and keep existing customers satisfied.

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Many of these changes can be attributed to the changing face of the travel industry trends. While the direct impact of changes in the tourism travel industry are relatively few and far between, indirect impacts on the overall quality and value of travellers experience, as reflected in increased customer satisfaction, cost savings, productivity and flexibility are far more common and can have a marked impact on the overall quality of travellers experiences. These indirect changes can either favour travellers directly or disadvantage them indirectly. For example the recent changes by major airlines to reduce the number of empty seats, has resulted in a reduction in the price of flight tickets. This reduction in flight fares has created additional opportunities for people travelling direct to spend less money on accommodation, food, entertainment and other travel expenses. Direct competition from direct flights and tourism travel operators has also resulted in significant price reductions.

The expansion of the global tourism industry has resulted in growth of tour and travel companies throughout the world. As a result the quality and reliability of services provided by tour and travel companies have improved. These companies now offer a wide range of specialized travel services designed to meet the needs and expectations of travellers in today’s competitive environment. This increased choice and enhanced service delivery has resulted in a considerable increase in the number of satisfied travellers over the last 5 years, which has resulted in the overall increases in customer satisfaction reported by tour and travel companies.