OnceThere – Transparency and Control for the Tour and Travel Industry

The tour and travel industry is one of the most fragmented in the world, with tens of thousands of operators in over 100 countries. Despite the rise of the internet, the industry has yet to truly embrace the power of the web. Companies such as TripAdvisor and Bokun have found success in selling tours online, and are gaining significant partnerships in the industry. Moreover, the web has yet to truly unite the sector. Despite these successes, the tour industry is still a fragmented, globally divided sector.

tour and travel

A tour and travel industry can be described as an activity, a trip, or a virtual place. It could be an experience that involves going to a different country, or it could be an act of pleasure. In either case, the concept of tour and travel is changing and redefining what a tour is. In this day and age, travelers expect more customized offerings from hotels and airlines, and they are seeking experiences that are beyond the typical tour.

Unlike hotels and airlines, tours are not standardized commodities. The average airline seat looks the same from carrier to carrier, while a hotel room varies significantly from hotel to hotel. Similarly, many attractions have daily limits and cannot offer bespoke experiences, such as the Vatican. This requires that tour operators offer the option to buy tickets online and see incremental bookings. OnceThere is a white-label solution that provides tour operators with this kind of transparency and control.